Compensation calculation

BambooLogic CO₂ compensation program


To calculate the potential of CO₂ capture with European bamboo there are several aspects we have to look at. 

Calculation compensation CO² with bamboo

Carbon capture in crop

A direct CO₂ reduction and Carbon sequestration while growing of 600 tons CO₂ reduction.

storage in durable products

Durable products act as a carbon sink, as they still contain the amount of carbon stored by the bamboo. To estimate the durable products pool, a calculation is made for the yearly yield potential and the amount of biomass that will be used as building material at any given moment as the plantation matures. The stored carbon in durable products pool over 30 years of leading to 258 tons CO₂ reduction.

Product displacement

The avoided carbon emission due to displacement over 30 years leading to 350 tons CO₂ reduction.

CO² Compensation

for individuals

Looking to compensate CO2 emissions? Discover our Bamboo Compensation Program. We have opened up a contribution program. With your contribution we will plant Bamboo on degraded land in Southern Europe. 

This programme will give you the opportunity to compensate CO2 via bamboo. After all, bamboo is one of the most successful CO2 absorbing crop. Please fill in the form underneath and we keep you informed about our program.