Looking forward to an exciting 2020

May this new year be joyful for you and your family! The Bamboologic team wishes you all the best and is excited to commence 2020. It is the year of the implementation of the Portugal plantation, the first European industrial scale bamboo plantation. An important and exciting move for us, but also for the environment and Europe. We are convinced the time is now.

2020 will be the year that, in purchasing power parity terms, for the first time since the 19th century the Asian economies will become larger than the rest of the world combined (World economic forum).Economically, China will remain the engine of growth for Asia and the world. Its contribution to global growth will rise to over 28% by 2023, according to IMF projections. China has declared to use bamboo as a base commodity to support their sustainable growth plans.

This extremely versatile crop with more than 10.000 product applications is a sustainable alternative for steel, PVC, cotton, hardwood and composite materials. Bamboo restores depleted land, creates new ecosystems and is a champion in terms of carbon sequestration. We believe that Europe cannot lag behind ad should embrace bamboo….European grown bamboo.

CHANGENOW 2020 summit, Paris

Bamboologic is happy to announce that it will take part in the CHANGENOW summit from January 30th till February 1st in the Grand Palais, Paris.

CHANGENOW is the world’s largest impact-accelerator event, which allows the best purpose-driven entrepreneurs to meet investors to help them scale and grow global solutions to solve our planet’s most pressing issues: slow down climate change, build carbon-neutral cities, restore biodiversity, optimize the way we use our limited resources, improve the social and human aspects of this transition, reduce inequalities and develop more inclusive societies.

Bamboologic will have his stand on the fair, be able to present our project to the public, take part in discussions and meet investors. 

Do you want to visit us on the fair? Contact us on info@bamboologic.eu

CO² Compensation

for individuals

Looking to compensate CO2 emissions? Discover our Bamboo Compensation Program. We have opened up a contribution program. With your contribution we will plant Bamboo on degraded land in Southern Europe. 

This programme will give you the opportunity to compensate CO2 via bamboo. After all, bamboo is one of the most successful CO2 absorbing crop. Please fill in the form underneath and we keep you informed about our program.