There were never more CO₂ emissions in the atmosphere than today

At the annual assessment from the United Nations the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) said that global emissions need to fall by 7.6 per cent, each year, every year from now until 2030 to limit global temperature rises to 1.5C. We as the world will miss the chance to avert climate disaster without an immediate and all-but-impossible fall in fossil fuel emissions, there was never more CO2 in the atmosphere than today.

Instead of falling the emissions have risen on average 1.5 per cent annually over the last decade, hitting a record of 55.3 billion tonnes of CO2 or equivalent greenhouse gases in 2018 – three years after 195 countries signed the Paris treaty on climate change.

Yet the UN found that even taking into account current Paris pledges, the world is on track for a 3.2C temperature rise, something scientists fear could tear at the fabric of society. Even if every country made good on its promises, Earth’s “carbon budget” for a 1.5-C rise – the amount we can emit to stay below a certain temperature threshold – is yet still far away.

In Conclusion, the world is waiting for companies like BambooLogic to bring the theory into action. Bamboo is a natural carbon sink which takes out a lot more emissions compared to regular forests. We are the solution for the rising global emissions and our plantations will be implemented in the European landscape, the sooner the better for the world. 

CO² Compensation

for individuals

Looking to compensate CO2 emissions? Discover our Bamboo Compensation Program. We have opened up a contribution program. With your contribution we will plant Bamboo on degraded land in Southern Europe. 

This programme will give you the opportunity to compensate CO2 via bamboo. After all, bamboo is one of the most successful CO2 absorbing crop. Please fill in the form underneath and we keep you informed about our program.