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Bamboo is a special crop for many reasons. It is the fastest growing plant on earth.


Bamboo is a highly sustainable raw material. The sustainability of a bamboo plantation in Europe is guaranteed in several ways.

Growing market

The bamboo market is expected to quadruple over the next years. Europe is the biggest export market for Asian bamboo.

Strong and versatile

Bamboo is used in over 10.000 products. It has a higher tensile strength than steel, while on the other hand it can form the raw material for ultra-soft clothing.

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You are a landowner and want to discover the potential of planting Bamboo as a crop? You are in construction and are looking for a new material to build with? Or you have a business and you want to use bamboo for one of the 10.000 possible applications? Please fill in the form underneath and we keep you informed and contact you to look at further collaboration possibilities.

CO² Compensation

for individuals

Looking to compensate CO2 emissions? Discover our Bamboo Compensation Program. We have opened up a contribution program. With your contribution we will plant Bamboo on degraded land in Southern Europe. 

This programme will give you the opportunity to compensate CO2 via bamboo. After all, bamboo is one of the most successful CO2 absorbing crop. Please fill in the form underneath and we keep you informed about our program.