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BambooLogic invites you to support the European Bamboo Plantation Program. Participate in a sustainable investment in a green economic era. investment (3-5 year)
In order to establish the start-up plantation for the first 7-8 years, we have currently 2 options open for investments:
Long-term investment with 10% yield 
Short term investment (3-5 year) with 7,5% yield.
Besides these investments we have had numerous people who asked how they could participate or support our cause. In order to accommodate these questions, we have opened up a contribution program. All contributions or donations allowing us to plant more trees to diminish CO2 will be considered.


A bamboo forest absorbs an average of 5 times more CO2 than a traditional wood tree forest

More oxygen

A bamboo forest produces an average of 30% more oxygen than a traditional wood tree forest

No soil erosion

Bamboo has an incredibly fast growing process which means it produces a lot more tree roots. These roots hold the ground, preventing erosion.

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Interested and willing to support BambooLogic?
(investments only above € 100.000,-)