European Bamboo Plantation Program

BambooLogic Europe BV

BambooLogic Europe BV is an European organization with its headquarters in the Netherlands. The company has favourable land options in Portugal and Spain, Italy and Greece, with the aim of developing bamboo plantations at these locations.

After the successful launch of the start-up in Portugal, it is our ambition to plant up to a several thousand hectares of bamboo and to establish processing factories.

Bamboo varieties
We have the ability to customize a part of the plantation for the special needs of certain clients. One of the most versatile varieties is the Phyllostachys Edulis Moso

From bamboo stump to bamboo Fiber

Phase 1

is the start-up launch of a 150 hectares bamboo plantation in Portugal by the subsidiary BambooLogic Europe B.V.

Phase 2

will be launched one year after planting in phase 1 and consists of the plantation expansion with 1850 hectares to the total of 2000 hectares.

Phase 3

will be launched 3 years after first planting in the start-up and consists of the full completion of the European Bamboo Plantation Program to 8000 hectares and the establisment of the factories.

Start-up Portugal

The advantage of growing bamboo in Europe is that we help the climate by avoiding long shipments over sea and we create jobs in rural areas in Europe that are desperately needed. Besides that, since the first and main market will be Europe, transport costs and import taxes are minimized, quality controls are simplified and currency fluctuations have no effect on the margin.

Phase 1
The 150 hectare start-up plantation will be launched in the Alcoutim region, Portugal. This start-up plantation will be realised, run and assisted by experts and experienced people, organisations and universities. Administration, business development, sales and marketing will be organised out of the Netherlands.

The climate in Southern Portugal has proved excellent for our varieties of bamboo and the climate and soil composition of the selected land is favourable. The amount of rainwater in these areas is traditionally low but during the dry periods irrigation systems are used.

The start-up plantation’s primary purpose besides creating sustainable profit is to educate and specialise employees, in order to subsequently employ them at future BambooLogic Europe BV plantations. In the first year, the plantation will be stabilized, and all activities will be fine-tuned before the expansion of 1850 hectares, to a total of 2000 hectares.

Phase 2
Phase 2 will be launched after planting in phase 1 and consists of the plantation expansion with 1850 hectares to the total of 2000.​

Phase 3
will consist the full completion of the program by initiating new plantations and the establishment of the factories.


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