BambooLogic European Bamboo Plantation Program

Bamboo is the fastest growing investment

What does BambooLogic do?

This movie explains about our plans, how to realise them and shows some applications of bamboo.

Why do we do bamboo?

Why not should be the better question… The market of bamboo is expected to grow exponentially over the next years and totalled last year over USD 68 billion. Mainly due to growing ecological awareness and the rising demand of industrial bamboo products as substitute for hardwood, cotton and PVC-uses.

BambooLogic Europe B.V. and its subsidiaries aim to realise the first bamboo plantations in the European Union, focussing in a first phase on Portugal and Spain.

BambooLogic Europe B.V. wants to achieve a sustainable return by creating the right balance between commercial and ecologically responsible operations.

BambooLogic Portugal SA

Start-up plantation

Aside the fact that our climate in Southern Europe is perfectly adapted to it, the advantage of growing bamboo in Europe is that we help the climate by avoiding long shipments over sea and we create jobs in rural areas in Europe that are desperately needed. Besides that transport costs and import taxes are minimized. Also quality controls are simplified and currency fluctuations have no effect on the margin, since the first and main market will be Europe.

Another practical advantage of European plantations is the short travel time. Any European investor can visit the project easily, even within one day.


Bamboo is a special crop for many reasons. It is the fastest growing plant on earth.

Strong and versatile

Bamboo has a higher tensile strength than steel, while on the other hand it can form the bas for ultra-soft clothing


Bamboo is a highly sustainable raw material. The sustainability of a bamboo plantation in Europe is guaranteed in several ways.

Growth market

The supply of suitable wood is declining, 30% of the wood is produced illegally and 40% comes from non-sustainable sources