Investing in bamboo


make impact

green investment

long-term revenues

high-return potential

Corekees Bamboo crowdfunding

Adopt a bamboo plant & remove carbon

Finance a bamboo plant, enjoy the returns of a bamboo field and remove carbon from the air. A multiple impact investment accessible for everyone via Corekees, sustainable investment platform. Click here for more info.

> Minimum investment: 168 euro
> Investment term: 15 years
> Expected ROI: 6 – 7% p.a.
> Carbon return: 46kg CO2 per plant
> Personalised online follow-up

Partnership program

Direct bamboo investment

Your own dedicated bamboo field. Direct impact and
long-term revenues.

What’s in it for you?

> We take care of installation, management & harvest
> Revenues via buy-back agreement
> Yearly net-revenue prognosis : 15% – 18%
> Tangible local impact & contribution to 8 SDG’s

Carbon removal credits

Financing the transition

Bamboo is an excellent tool for carbon removal and long-term storage in the soil as well as in durable products. By buying our carbon removal credits you not only help taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, but you also support local agriculture by the establishement of bamboo farms in Europe.

> Independently certified & verified
> Active removal projects
> for sale via onsets sales platform
> Nature-based carbon removal & storage

Investing in bamboo

Why are we investing in bamboo?

Our mission is to provide the European industry with European low-footprint bamboo. Europe is, after China, the largest bamboo market but lacks the base material. Bamboo products are imported from other continents with all the negative impact and supply uncertainty going along with it.
The versatility of bamboo offers chances in numerous sectors and gives a boost to sustainable economic development and job creation. The demand for local grown bamboo is exceeding the supply. Investing in bamboo generates stable long-term returns. We are only at the beginning of this unlocking sector.

Bamboo for climate and nature
By planting bamboo we are taking a lot of CO2 out of the air and regenerate degraded land. According to EUSO more than 60% of European soils is in unhealthy state. Bamboo has the ability to make soils healthy again. It is a pesticide free crop and in managed bamboo forests no tillage is applied. The extensive root system prevents erosion and retains a lot of water in the soil. The year-round leaf fall ensures a thick humuslayer, a true playground for insects and small animals. Over the years the nutrient level and organic matter content rises and a healthy ecosystem can evolve.

Make impact & share in the profit

Investing in bamboo in Europe requires the biggest financial effort in the beginning. But since bamboo only has to be planted once for the next 60 to 100 years, it offers attractive long-term returns.
The demand for european bamboo is growing exponentially. Our demand for bamboo exceeds the current supply many times.

After planting, stable revenues can be expected from year 7.

Investments are needed mainly to acquire land, plant material and foresee field infrastructure as water facilities, solar panel installations and field equipment & processing machinery.

Investing in bamboo
Harvested bamboo poles, Portugal
Investing in bamboo

Phase 1

First 150 hectares in the Alcoutim region

Investing in bamboo

Phase 2

Set-up test processing

Investing in bamboo

Phase 3

Expansion to other European regions
Elaboration of processing

Partnership program
Be a partner in our Alcoutim bamboo farm

Why Alcoutim?

> Availability of land with a high carbon storage potential
> Support from local companies, stakeholders & buyers
> Know-how, available working force and affiliated sectors
> Scalability for future growth

Invest now in future growth
> Demand for local grown bamboo is exceeding the supply
> Nature-inclusive farming & carbon farming
> Long-term revenues

Investing in bamboo


Bamboo is the fastest-growing type of grass on the planet. As an ideal alternative for wood, bamboo grows much faster than trees and yields more wood. Above all, bamboo can be harvested every year, without clearcutting.

Investing in bamboo


Thanks to its unique properties, every part of the bamboo plant can be used. Bamboo absorbs more carbon than trees, regenerates soils and retains water. No pesticides are used, tillage and clearcutting are out of the question. When you invest in bamboo, you invest in nature and climate.

Investing in bamboo

growing market

Bamboo is present in almost every household. The bamboo market is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Europe is currently the largest export market for Asian bamboo products. For many applications European grown bamboo is suitable. That’s why investing in bamboo in Europe is a good portfolio diversification.

Investing in bamboo

strong & versatile

The versatile bamboo is processed into thens of thousands of applications. It has a larger tensile strength than steel and is the ideal raw material for composite materials, while on the other hand, it is used to produce ultra-soft textiles. It’s one of the most versatile renewable commodities and thus a good investment.