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European bamboo

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European climate goals

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Who are we?

BambooLogic is a Dutch company under the name Bambulogic Europe B.V., with head office in Nijmegen.
50% of the shares are held by the key management team of the company ad the other 50% is held by Hive Energy, a U.K. based global renewable energy project developer and circular economy investor. With over £1.3 billion capital expenditure in green energy projects, Hive Energy is saving 2.000.349 tonnes of CO2 each year.  

With joined forces we are planning to plant a few thousands of hectares of bamboo in Europe over the next two years, initiate primary processing and taking about 1.000.000 tonnes of CO2 out of the atmosphere.


European bamboo for Europe’s industry

In view of the fast growing demand for bamboo and bio-based alternatives for steel, PVC, hardwood, composite materials and cotton, we are establishing bamboo fields in Europe. We deliver raw and semi-processed bamboo to the European industry.

Why not converting to a renewable commodity that helps agriculture, climate and economy?

With our venture we contribute to European climate goals and 8 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, offer a rewarding and sustainable alternative for the European agricultural sector in transition, create jobs and facilitate various eco-system problems as taking CO2 out of the air, regenerating degraded land, preventing erosion, holding water in the top layer of the soil, extracting toxics from the soil as nitrates, led etc.  

What we do

Invest in European bamboo
We invest in the European bamboo value chain, because the economical and ecological potential is huge. Europe is the biggest market for bamboo products. A lot of producers discover bamboo as a sustainable bio-based alternative for classic materials. To meet the future demand, first of all bamboo should be planted. We welcome believers and investors to go along with us in this promising sector of the fastest renewable commodity. Read more…

Cultivate & process
Essentially we are establishing bamboo fields in Europe. We also partner in close cooperation with external growers in order to enlarge the potential for the future. We are also pioneering in sustainable processing together with different market players. Read more…

Sell bamboo
We are selling fresh poles, dried poles, sticks, biomass, edible shoots and other products from our own fields as well as our partner fields.
From our nurseries we sell plantlets of different bamboo varieties.
From our workshop / lab we are selling chips, sluts, dust and other derivates in order to be processed industrially. Read more…

Remove carbon
Important in our mission is that we can contribute to the European climate goals. Bamboo is a champion in CO2 sequestration. The plant stores large amounts of carbon in itself and eventually in the durable products made of it, and in the soil. By planting on degraded land we unlock a true natural carbon sink. First aim is to remove 50.000 ton of carbon dioxide in South of Portugal, supported by the sales of our carbon removal credits. Read more…

We contribute to 8 SDG’s. Learn more…