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Currently, we have available in the regular range: plants, poles and, in season, edible shoots.
Derived products such as chips and biomass, among others, are available on request.

Dependent on type, volume and availability we select the best offer together with you.

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Largest stock of plantlets in Europe
Depending on volume and type, plants are delivered from our nurseries in Belgium, Portugal or Galicia. We take care of specialised transport within Europe.

Minimal order volume: 100 plants.

Your own bamboo growing venture
If you are planning to install a commercial bamboo field you are at the right address. We can advice and support you from A to Z. Read more…

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Nursery Belgium
TypePot (liters)+/- Size (m)Density / Ha
Phyllostachys ‘Moso’1 l0,5 – 1400 – 600
Phyllostachys iridiscens1 l0,5 – 1400 – 600
Phyllostachys aureosulcata A.3 l0,4 – 0,6400 – 800
Phyllostachys atrovaginata3 l0,4 – 0,6400 – 800
Phyllostachys bissetii5 l1,2 – 1,7400 – 800
Phyllostachys nigra henonis3 l1 – 1,5400 – 600
Phyllostachys Bambusoideae1 l0,4400 – 600
Phyllostachys Kwangsiensis1 l0,4400 – 600
Phyllostachys Parvifolia1 l0,4400 – 600
Phyllostachys D. Shangai 31 l0,4400 – 600
Pseudosasa Amabilis1 l0,4800 – 1.000
The plants above are deliverable on availability.

Delivery & pick-up.
Poles and sticks are delivered from Portugal, Spain, France or the Netherlands.

Minimum order volume of poles for transport is 100 meter.

Poles can be picked-up at our warehouse in the Beja region (Portugal) or in our warehouse in The Netherlands.

Poles can be delivered in different lenghts. Cost per sawing operation is 0,5 euro (VAT excl.).

Portuguese bamboo pole


Diameter (bottom)Max. lenght container 20ft.Max. lenght truck
5 – 6 cm5,813
7 – 9 cm5,813
10 – 12 cm5,813

Sticks (plant support)

Bamboo sticks are often used in fruit and vegetable cultivation and other agricultural and horticultural applications. Bamboo sticks are also widely used as decorative elements to make bamboo mats for example. In addition, there are numerous applications for this bio-based alternative to a thin, bendable stick with high tensile strength.

Diameter (cm)Lenght (m)
2 – 41 / 2
1,5 – 1,90,8 / 1,2 / 2
1 – 1,40,8 / 1 / 1,2
0,5 – 0,90,8 / 1 / 1,2

Unique fresh European edible bamboo shoots.

Each year, as of February, we have fresh edible bamboo shoots available for a limited period.

Are you interested in fresh bamboo shoots? Let us know as soon as possible.
In case the demand exceeds the available volume, orders will be handled first-in first-out.

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