Team BambooLogic


Bamboo expertise going back to the 1980s

Establishing a new bamboo industry in Europe is disruptive and requires vision, experience, and determination.
We have a diversified international team with a vast experience in bamboo, agribusiness & project management. We have bamboo propagation and cultivation specialists in house who cooperated in more than 25.000 hectares of bamboo fields worldwide since the 1980s.

Jorre Appel

general management | financial | shareholder

As a Master in Commercial Sciences, Jorre has gained extensive experience in higher management of leading international companies in the Benelux.
Jorre has managed several private equity projects & ventures as a consultant, manager, and/or shareholder. In 2012, when setting up a fully integrated agricultural and fishing project in Ghana, his socio-economic and green orientation merged with his business aspirations. Jorre joined Bamboologic with the strong belief that sustainability and profit reinforce each other.

Dr. Hans Friederich

environmental | public relations | shareholder

Hans is an internationally-respected Ambassador of the World Bamboo Organisation, change-maker, and sustainability specialist. From 2014 to 2019 Hans was director of the Bamboo and Rattan Organisation (INBAR) and Observer to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). 
Hans was active for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) for 24 years, of which a good three years as European Director.

His extensive network in the bamboo sector, governments, and international organisations, and his experience with nature conservation issues are an important added value to Bamboologic.

Kjell Tahon

operational management | marcom | shareholder

Kjell has a Master’s degree in communication science, and has broad international marketing, sales, and communication experience in several sectors, such as financial, private equity and socio-economic agricultural projects in Africa.

In addition to his extensive experience in greenfield management, marketing & communication he has a broad network of individual and institutional (impact) investors.

Joost Borneman

sales development | investor relations | shareholder

Joost is specialised in bamboo applications, circular economy, and the biobased industry. He conducts scientific research into bamboo and links Bamboologic to his academic and business networks. Joost also has experience in marketing biodegradable plastic solutions. Joost worked and lived in Costa Rica where het got to know bamboo and fell in love with this magical plant.

Joost mainly focuses on sales development, R&D and non-dilutive capital.

Jan Oprins  

cultivation | bamboo propagation | public relations | shareholder

Jan holds more than 40 years of experience as one of the largest bamboo growers worldwide. He is also a renown bamboo author, international consultant and world leading bamboo propagation specialist.
Jan is still involved in successful bamboo plantations & nurseries in Indonesia, South-Africa & Spain.

Thanks to his vast experience Jan is convinced that the time to implement sustainable managed bamboo fields in Europe is now.

Jan Detavernier 

Technical | R&D | harvesting & processing

Within BambooLogic, Jan is active in technical processes, from harvesting to primary processing.
Jan is a nature and bamboo enthousiast at heart. He has a Bachelor of Technology and science and Master in Industrial Design, which he also lectured at Ghent University.
Jan has extensive experience in building with wood and bamboo. Starting in 2007, Jan spent several years in Brazil where he built public buildings in bamboo with linked workshops in bamboo building for the local community with the aim of poverty reduction.With his bamboo decoration company Baboom ( and his artist studio (, Jan primarily brings people closer to nature through unique geometric installations and practically oriented constructions in wood and bamboo.

João Ludovico 

carbon management | ESG | impact

João is raised in the Alcoutim region in Portugal. He holds an MSC Plant Sciences and greenhouse horticulture and holds a minor in climate-smart argiculture for a sustainable food production. He studied at the University of Wageningen, the Netherlands.

João has a passion for sustainable development and technology innovation. He is responsible for carbon and field data and CO2-certificate applications for the bamboo farms throughout Europe. João also holds track of impact KPI’s and policies.

Carlos Sevinatti 

plantation manager | Portugal

João is raised in the Alcoutim region in Portugal. He holds an Carlos is an experienced hands-on cultivation specialist with experience and knowledge of setting-up bamboo fields and running other plantation projects. Hereby leading new plantings and installing field operations.
His broad Portuguese network, no-nonsense approach and perseverance are important values in the pioneering phase that Bamboologic is in.

Cristina Duarte

administration | legal

Cristina works and lives in Portugal and holds a Master Degree in Law.
She takes care of administrative and legal affairs in Portugal and also offers support in the day-to-day management of the subsidiaries in Portugal.

Rob Huttinga

marcom | content | social media

Rob is a marketing and communication jack-of-all-trades. He is supporting sales and is creating the much needed content in this new sector.
Rob has designed and developed succesful storytelling and campaigns for organisations and brands.